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Catering, & Fine Dining 

We have partnered with a local chef to bring you fresh catered meals delivered directly to you for free! Fine dining is also offered.
For fine dining, please email:

Healthy and delicious meals created by chefs and ready in minutes!
Nothing Frozen. 
Nothing packaged.
Always fresh, every time!
Don't let time stop you from enjoying a delicious homemade meal made by real local chefs, with real local ingredients, and real local love.

"Had the butternut squash ravioli with a side of green beans and it was delicious! All the flavors worked brilliantly together! Next Friday we will have something delivered."

"I just had the lasagna and my husband had the teriyaki chicken absolutely amazing! We will definitely be back ❤️"


Catered orders must be received a minimum of three days prior to arrival 

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